A Daughter's Journey Of Faith,

Hope, Discovery & Learning

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"Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult for both the patient and the caregiver. The person who has Alzheimer’s disease slowly changes before your eyes. Each day you lose the person you are familiar with to the disease, yet you must adapt to the changing conditions and help as best you can. The treatment of Alzheimer’s disease depends on the stage of the disease. Patience is required on the part of the patient and the caregiver, to deal with the uncertainty of the disease. I have been on this journey with my mom since 2005. The journey started out very slow and unrecognizable, which is one of the mysteries that is associated with disease. Some of the symptoms can be misinterpreted as ageing.  This is what fooled me in the beginning and motivated me to start this book. I want to help the caregivers and their loved ones with advice and guidance through this book. Here, I will discuss my journey with my mom, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease."

Coping With Alzhiemer's Disease From The Caregiver's View

 Rosalind Ryans

Stories to change the world
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Words are the raw material.

My tools: experience, imagination, creativity, passion.

Stories are what I craft - vehicles for transporting the reader to a place they've never been and didn't know existed.

"Coping With Alzhiemer's Disease From The Caregiver's View" is my first journey.

I invite you along.

Enjoy the ride - and learn!

See you again on my next adventure.

Rosalind Ryans.

Coping With Alzhiemers disease from the caregivers view
My Inspiration

My Mom who has Alzheimer’s disease has had her life altered in many ways.  We both did not allow the disease to change the love we have for each other. I took care of my mom at home as long as I could. I enjoyed my mom each day I had the privilege to care for her.......